CritiCare® AmpPAC™ Pro Micro Drug Bag

The newest and tiniest member of our CritiCare® Drug Bag Family, the
AmpPAC™ Pro may be just the perfect drug bag for you.




The CritiCare® AmpPAC™ Micro drug bag is manufactured from high tenacity laminated, water and UV resistant nylon with a PVC backing.


The AmpPAC™ is lined with silver foil-aerothene, which offers good insulation properties and shock absorption characteristics, UV and chemical resistance.


The AmpPAC™ has small foam mesh removable pouches with clear window for easy contents identification.


Weight 0,33 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 5,5 cm

CritiCare® AmpPAC™ Pro Micro Drug Bag

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