Welcome to Brand CritiCare®

Brand CritiCare®, is the critical care equipment manufacturing division of Be Safe Paramedical CC South Africa. The range of products manufactured under our CritiCare® brand include our highly respected collection of rugged EMS Emergency Equipment Bags and Jump Bags, the life-saving PelviGrip™ Emergency Pelvic Binder, CritiCare® Extrication Devices, CritiSeal Vented Pneumothorax Dressing and a number of other unique devices aimed at improving patient care in the pre-hospital phase of treatment.

Made in South Africa

EMS Medical Equipment Bags

The pre-hospital emergency care environment requires rugged and hard-working medical equipment bags. Jump Bag failure while treating a critical care patient at a remote site, is simply not an option. Be Safe Paramedical South Africa truly understands the importance of quality when operating in the most adverse of conditions. Not only are we a medical equipment manufacturer, but we truly believe that we are with you, at your patient’s side, every time you use one of our products.

Our CritiCare® range of EMS Medical Equipment Bags, offers high-quality, hard-wearing and well-designed EMS bags, that will provide practical solutions to all your emergency medical care needs. From our highly respected CrashPAC™ EMS Jump Bag to our DrugPAC™, the most widely used EMS drug bag in South Africa, a CritiCare® EMS medical equipment bag is not just a bag, but a lifelong partner in your quest to save lives. That’s why we will guarantee it for life!

All CritiCare® EMS medical equipment bags are manufactured with passion and absolute care at our ISO 9001 certified factory in Pinetown, South Africa, where every single bag we create, is created to become part of a journey, the incredible journey of saving lives.

Design to Development

We take ideas and concepts and convert them into practical devices that save lives

A Skilled Workforce

Passionate about manufacturing products that help you save lives

Quality Assurance

Being both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, means that Quality Management is an integral part of CritiCare® culture

Emergency Care Devices

There is a story behind every single CritiCare® emergency care device we create and manufacture. At Be Safe Paramedical, we understand that the emergency healthcare discipline is unique and requires medical devices that are purpose-designed to save you time, the most valuable commodity in pre-hospital critical care.

Whether you are covering a penetrating chest wound with our CritiSeal™ Chest Wound Seal, or performing an emergency needle cricothyroidotomy on the side of a busy highway with our CritiPack® Needle Cricothyroidotomy Pack, we know that our devices are improving patient outcomes across the world.

Under our CritiCare® brand, we offer an extensive range of emergency care devices designed specifically for your use in the Emergency Medical Services. Many of these devices, such as our respected PelviGrip™ Emergency Pelvic Binder and our very unique CritiJet™ Jet Insufflation Device have become the preferred choice for Emergency Services from as far afield as New Zealand. Why are they choosing to use our devices? Well, the answer is quite simple, they choose to use our devices because our devices are clever, unique, cost-effective and most importantly, they work exactly how we say they will.

Be Safe Paramedical South Africa, holds both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications and we are licensed with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) as a medical device manufacturer, importer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler.

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