CritiCare® Critistraps™

Critistraps™ reusable splint strapping is used to quickly secure wire splints to fractured extremities.




Critistrap™ splints were designed to replace the use of traditional flannel strips or bandages to secure wire splint to limbs. What of the major challenges when securing splints is that using bandages or flannel strips most often results in uneven or over tensioning when applied to splints. This often results in ineffective splinting.


By using CritiStraps when securing wire splints., you will achieve a consistently superior and controlled securing technique. The broad structure and hook and loop securing mechanism provides excellent splint stability, even when applied under emergency conditions.


About this Product:


  • Save costs by moving away from the use of traditional flannel strips or bandages when securing splints
  • CritiStraps™ are manufactured from high quality stretch nylon
  • Velcro hook and loop securing system
  • CritiStraps™ generous length provides for the size variations commonly encountered by emergency care personnel
  • CritiStraps™ design allows for straps to be joined to secure bilateral fractures of the upper and lower extremities
  • The broad structure of the straps promotes excellent stability and ultimately better patient comfort
  • CritiStraps™ are reusable and will save on your consumable equpiment costs
  • Available in two pack sizes, a Large (blue label) size for adult lower extremities and Medium (red label) for adult upper
    extremities and paediatric lower extremities
  • Large pack consists of 2 x Large and 1 x medium sized CritiStrap and the Medium pack consists of 3 x medium CritiStraps.
  • Each CritiStraps Set is supplied in a quality 420D zippered nylon bag
Weight 0,08 kg
Dimensions 58 × 12 × 1 cm

CritiCare® Critistraps™

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