CritiCare® Eazi Slide Stretcher™

The CritiCare® Eazi Slide stretcher is a lateral patient transfer board with an easy slide cover that creates a rolling action when used to transfer a patient from stretcher to stretcher or operating table.




Transferring patients from one bed to another, or from bed to ambulance stretcher is one of the biggest contributors to back injury and more specifically, strains in healthcare providers. By reducing the effort required to move a patient from one bed to another, back injuries in healthcare providers can be dramatically downscaled.


The Eazi-Slide patient transfer device was designed to do exactly that, protect your healthcare providers and their patients from costly injuries, by facilitating an effortless transfer process. The Eazi-Slide is a lateral patient transfer board that makes use of a unique combination of 420g PVC and Corex to ensure an almost frictionless patient transfer process. If you are looking at reducing the number of back injuries withing your patient care service, the Eazi-Slide is the best possible solution in helping you achieve that.


About this Product:


  • Made from high quality low friction600 Gauge PVC.
  • The main board is manufactured from Corex board that when used in conjunction with the 420g PVC cover, creates low friction rolling action.
  • Eazi-Slide reduces the potential for back injuries during patient transfer.
  • Design reduces the need to physically manipulate patient’s movement during transfer.
  • Includes a carry bag for easy storage and transportation.
Weight 1,93 kg
Dimensions 149 × 49 × 1,5 cm

CritiCare® Eazi Slide Stretcher™

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