CritiCare® Extrication Device - Child

This Extrication Device is ideal for immobilizing and extricating patients from motor vehicles or confined spaces, in a sitting position.




The CritiCare® Extrication Device (CED) was designed to facilitate the safe extrication of sitting patients from motor vehicle crashes or confined spaces, that requires the patient’s thoracic and cervical spine to be maintained in a mid-line position.


The slated spines integrated into the CED provide excellent stability, while the integrated colour-coded securing straps ensure rapid and effective patient stability when the CED is applied. The integrated handles are designed to lift the patient in an upright position. The CED is supplied with head and chin straps and a cushioned cervical spacer to ensure maximum head and cervical stability when extricating patients.


About this Product:


  • Suitable for use on children
  • Manufactured from heavy duty 550 Gauge PVC with integrated webbing lifting handles.
  • Colour-coded, sewn-in securing straps and snap lock buckles for quick and easy application.
  • Includes wrap-around vest, adjustable padded neck spacer, head and chin straps, in a high-quality carrying case.
Weight 1,55 kg
Dimensions 78 × 69 × 1 cm

CritiCare® Extrication Device - Child

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