CritiCare® Spider Harness

Developed for use with trauma boards and scoop stretche


Code: REF:STRAP.SP +Type


An essential piece of rescue equipment in the EMS industry, the Spider Harness system is both efficient and easy to use to immobilise a casualty with severe injuries, while being transported on a spinal board. The straps of the one piece harness are easily threaded through the board and secured around the patients torso and limbs using high strength Velcro.


  • Manufactured from high quality 50mm webbing
  • Long-lasting Hook & Loop Fasteners
  • 10 Points of Attachment
  • secures patient to the full spine board stretcher
  • Colour-coded straps are optional


Various types available: Buckle, Velcro (Black or Colour straps)

Weight 0,36 kg
Dimensions 136 × 75 × 1 cm

CritiCare® Spider Harness

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