CritiCheck (Oesophageal Detection Device)

The CritiCheck ODD is a useful adjunct to check for ET tube placement following intubation in the absence of capnography.


Product Code: CRITI.ODD.I


The CritiCheck Oesophageal Detection Device (ODD) is an excellent means of assessing tube placement when access to capnography is not an option.


About this Product:


  • The CritiCheck ODD is used to rapidly assess endotracheal tube placement following intubation
  • Cost-effective option to disposable CO2 detectors
  • Latex-free, non-toxic and hypoallerg
  • 15mm adapter
  • Illuminates in dark
  • Easy to handle… easy to store
Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 14 × 16 × 4 cm

CritiCheck (Oesophageal Detection Device)

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